You grow,
we buy!

Not a single inch of land shall remain empty!

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Main purpose of the Joint Stock Company is to stimulate the production and processing of the agricultural products, to ensure development of agricultural producers, to promote social well-being of the population in the regions, to increase the quality of products, to increase effectiveness of state budget and to realise purchase of foods by state order in a centralized manner.

 In order to achieve the purposes set forth in its Charter, OSJC operates in the following ways:

  • To organize purchase of food products (except the wheat purchased for the state grain fund) by state institutions and organizations in a centralized manner with state budget;
  • To establish appropriate infrastructure for ensuring the quality of agricultural and food products;
  • To expand and stimulate the production and processing of agricultural products, as well as to realize import-export operations in order to meet the food demand of budget organizations;
  • To increase local agricultural production rate, to export agricultural and food products which exceeds which were procured to demand, to organize and realize the sale of those products in the local market via all the sale channels and chains, as well as to establish and manage all kind of wholesale and retail sale units.

Over the past period, 12 regional offices, 12 regional warehouses in the regional centers they are located in and 38 support units were set up in order to effectively organize the activities of the Joint Stock Company in the regions, and the administrative buildings and warehouses for the regional offices were equipped with the necessary leased equipment.

Operational Coordination Center operated by the Chairman of the Management Board was established on 1 December 2016 with the purpose of commencing procurement and supply within a short period of time, taking into consideration the Company's commitment to purchase agencies as well as the time limit for preparation starting from January 1, 2017. As a result of the intensive monthly activity of the Center, needs of the purchaser agencies needs were met in short time and operative interventions were made. Therefore, to the organizations that are late to submit their annual demands or do not intend to present them in general, the main task of the newly established organization, their liability and responsibility before the country's leadership were fully explained and fulfillment of the demands arising from the respective decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan were required.

From December 31, 2016, food demands of the buyer organizations have been met. During the reporting period, 863 contracts were concluded with procurement agencies financed by the state budget and reflected 1863 supply points.