You grow,
we buy!

Not a single inch of land shall remain empty!

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Our goal:

- Promoting procurement and supply chain, to stimulate the production and processing of agricultural products, to create a basis for improving the social well-being of the population engaged in agriculture in the regions, and to ensure the efficient use of public funds.

Directions of our activities:

- To organize purchase of food products by the state enterprises and organizations at the expense of the state budget at a centralized order;

- To procure domestic agricultural products nationwide and organize sales and consumption in the domestic market;

- To organize sales of products that are more than demanded through the available sale channels in foreign countries with the aim of promoting export;

- To participate in socially oriented, local and international projects to promote healthy nutrition of the population.

Our values:

- We are organizing our operations on the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan and relevant international normative documents;

- We comply with the norms and requirements set forth in the control of all execution phases of the work performed;

- We are trying to achieve high customer satisfaction by completing every customer's wishes and desires in full and on time;

- We create mutual relationships based on care and professionalism with producers and sellers of food products;

- We create atmosphere for continuous improvement of management, increasing the knowledge and skills of employees and applying new technologies.