You grow,
we buy!

Not a single inch of land shall remain empty!

Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


  • 18.03.2019, 18:15

  • 12.12.2018, 09:10

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26.09.2018, 12:30


The consultation was held to further improve the quality of supply systems in the country. The employees of the regional branch of Joint Stock Company participated in the meeting. Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Khalig Mammadov made a speech and assessed the work done so far and spoke about the tasks ahead. He said that the organization, which has successfully completed the year 2017 will supply more than 119 million manat of food and agricultural products from local manufacturers for the next year and will direct it to the demand of the procurement agencies. The procurement contract with 850 enterprises and organizations financed from the state budget was signed, according to these contracts the identified demands were placed on the portal "" and online offers from 286 manufacturers and vendors have been accepted on 163 product types. At the same time, supply systems in the regions are operating continuously to meet the demand of the domestic market. According to the results of 8 months of the year, 31 thousand tons of products by the worth of 72 million manat by supplying directed to the demand.

Abbas Hajiyev Head of Prcourement And Supply Business Organization Department speaking at the conference, Azar Alakbarov Head of Procurement and Sales Coordination Department made a suggestions in connection with the strengthening of the procurement and supply system in the autumn season. It was decided the expansion of export opportunities of Azerbaijan's agricultural products to the nearest foreign markets, organization of mobile activities related to the strengthening of procurement and sale chain, tracking price trends in domestic and foreign markets, establishing a database of local manufacturers in the mutual discussions.